Growing Pains

I started promulgating my proposal a couple of weeks ago. I sent an email to numerous individuals with an introduction to the NCR 594 Project and a copy of the proposal. I had one emailed response, and I know another person viewed the email but did not respond. I know this because I used customer relationship management software to track the emails.  I am aware of the difficulties of marketing and am learning the limitations of CRM software.

There was also some good news. I emailed information requests to numerous political offices. Thus far I have gotten one response.  Mark Lomeli and Roxana Gracia from Assemblymember Mike A. Gipson’s (District 64) office responded in a timely manner and have been courteous and helpful  since.

I am not disappointed by the tepid response I have received so far. I know going in that this is going to be a long process. I am still quite early in the design process. I have a lot of work yet to do before I even get formally started. I am, however, very happy about the response I did get. It puts me one step closer to the goal.

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Leo Barrera Expert at dealing with conflict. Grim, determined, a little chaotic, a threat to good order. Veteran. Chicano. Husband. Father. Writer. Photographer. Gardener.

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