On the Future of The NCR 594 Project

I am back. Though it may look, from the perspective of those who might be observing the work on my blogs (the gallant few), I have been hard at work trying to apply Occam’s razor to my own work. After quite a long hiatus wherein I spent hours thinking about what actions I should take, I have come to some decisions.

I have decided that there is a large amount of overlap in what I am hoping to accomplish with my blogs The Digital Guerrilla Project and The NCR 594 Project. Originally I wanted to use the Digital Guerrilla Project to explore the nexus of activism and technology. Over the years since I started that blogs I have come to realize that this is not only well covered territory, but also that the coverage that exists is far superior to anything I could provide on my own. I am not saddened by this at all, but am happy for the resources I have been able to discover.

The NCR 594 Project is designed to train community organizers and activist to effectively build community social capital. My research has indicated to me that community social capital is the antidote to structural violence. As a topic, structural violence, as I studied and learned about it, came to dominate my thinking in relationship to The Digital Guerrilla Project.  At a particular point activism and community organization became, in my mind, strategies to combat structural violence.

Now I am ready to begin anew my research on these subjects: structural violence, social capital, community social capital, leadership, activism, and community organization. Given that one of my projects within The NCR 594 Project has been to develop a curriculum for the development of community leadership (and it is now woefully overdue) it seems natural that the work I have already done on The Digital Guerrilla Project should be subsumed into The NCR 594 Project.

Going forward I will discontinue writing posts to The Digital Guerrilla Project. I will initially start adapting the work from that blog into The NCR 594 Project. This will entail some change, but I think it will make for a clearer mission and more effective work in the future.

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Leo Barrera Expert at dealing with conflict. Grim, determined, a little chaotic, a threat to good order. Veteran. Chicano. Husband. Father. Writer. Photographer. Gardener.

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