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I finished my leadership development curriculum back in May. I have even proposed it to couple of community organizations. The one response I have gotten so far is that it is too advanced for them at the moment and they will have to get back to me later.

This is not a problem, I just have to be more creative in  how I promulgate the curriculum. So I came up with an idea. Since I already have the curriculum written, why not distribute it myself? The next question then becomes, how do I distribute it?

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of audio recording equipment. Most of the time I do nothing serious with it. I also have several cameras capable of recording video that I do nothing serious with. Recently, I have also found space in my home that I can use to set up the aforementioned audio and video equipment.

It occurs to me, as a moderately technically proficient user of computer technology who happens to have audio and video recording equipment at his  disposal, that I could distribute the curriculum as a podcast and/or video blog. I have decided to create short audio and video posts that I can use to teach the materials I designed. I will break the curriculum into shorts lessons on particular subjects within the curriculum. These lessons will be accessible from the NCR 594 project website.

I have never done anything like this before. I am actually nervous about it because I am not the enthusiastic salesman type; so I feel like I will look and sound a little silly. It still sounds like fun, though. It should be quite an adventure.

Here goes nothing, wish me luck.

Published by Leo

Leo Barrera Writer & Photographer with expertise in negotiation, conflict resolution, social capital, and leadership. I do child support enforcement for a living, but it is not fun.

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