Capital and Power

Crucial to the exercise of power are the concepts of capital and exchange. You can think of these in economic terms. Economic capital in its simplest form is money. Exchange in these terms is simply the trading of money for goods and services. When you go to a store and buy some item or service, [...]

Types of Power

Authority, which we explored in the last few posts, provides legitimacy to the exercise of power. Power is control over outcomes. In this essay we will begin to explore the exercise of power. Consider a person wielding a gun. Any person wielding a gun has the power to compel another person to do something against [...]


Political philosopher Robert Wolf (1999) wrote, “Authority is the right to command, and correlatively, the right to be obeyed.” Authority can also be defined as being in a position to wield power. The exercise of power is highly dependent on context. This essay will explore authority and the framework for its use. Max Weber (2017) [...]

We are all Leaders!

I have heard this platitude, and numerous others, bandied about the workplace in half-hearted attempts to motivate people and raise morale. As I have acknowledged already, management and leadership are easily confused with one another. In this essay I will explore some of these misunderstandings. Merriam-Webster (n.d.) defines leader as “a person exercising authority or [...]


I have written a little on leadership. It is difficult to continue a discussion of leadership without mentioning its close relation, management. Because there is great overlap in the activities of these disciplines they are often, erroneously, used interchangeably. In a sense they are twins constantly being mistaken for each other as they try to [...]

A Working Definition of Leadership

Leadership is a big and complex subject. I wrote a thesis on leadership development and perused dozens of academic papers describing leadership. If you were to browse the business section of a typical bookstore you would find dozens of books with the word “leadership” in their title. If you do a search using the term [...]


My interests as an academic are in structural violence and social capital, particularly community social capital. Put plainly, structural violence is officially and/or socially encouraged rules and practices that guarantee different outcomes for different populations. Social capital is a measure of what an individual can achieve through their network of social relationships. Community social capital [...]

The 1st draft of the curriculum is finished

The NCR 594 Project is about teaching leadership skills to community members and activists to make them effective as leaders in the community and representatives of the community. Central to this project has been the development of a curriculum for the leadership training part of the project. I have finally finished with the first draft. [...]