Leadership Development

The NCR 594 Project will offer training designed to help community members develop their leadership skills. The trainings are designed to help participants develop and improve their own leadership styles. Topics will include, but not be limited to:

  • Theories of Leadership — this training will provide an overview of leadership in the context of the community. It will examine issues including accountability, types of authority, and activism versus organizing. There will be an introduction and discussion of Joseph Campbell’s model of the Hero’s Journey. Following a viewing of The Hero’s Adventure, there will be a discussion of the concept of leadership in relation to the concept of the hero’s journey;
  • Effective Communication — this training will provide the participant with knowledge about communicating effectively with others. Participants will be introduced to communication roadblocks and the dual concern model to help them understand conflict style and to help them analyze the conflict styles of others;
  • Meeting Management — This training is designed to provide participants a basic overview of meeting management processes. This course will provide an overview of Robert’s Rules of Order and explore less formal meeting management tools including circle processes and consensus decision-making processes. Finally, this training will explore meeting preparation for both formal and informal encounters;
  • Marketing and Public Relations — This training will focus on communicating effectively with the public and maintaining a distinct identity in the public realm. This includes marketing materials, social media, and networking;
  • Fundraising — This training is designed to provide basic knowledge of fundraising methods. The focus will be on grassroots methods in order to help participants develop the administrative capabilities and marketing competence necessary to successfully develop a grant proposal.

Other topics can and will be discussed as necessitated by the interest of participants.

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