Political philosopher Robert Wolf (1999) wrote, “Authority is the right to command, and correlatively, the right to be obeyed.” Authority can also be defined as being in a position to wield power. The exercise of power is highly dependent on context. This essay will explore authority and the framework for its use. Max Weber (2017) […]

We are all Leaders!

I have heard this platitude, and numerous others, bandied about the workplace in half-hearted attempts to motivate people and raise morale. As I have acknowledged already, management and leadership are easily confused with one another. In this essay I will explore some of these misunderstandings. Merriam-Webster (n.d.) defines leader as “a person exercising authority or […]


I have written a little on leadership. It is difficult to continue a discussion of leadership without mentioning its close relation, management. Because there is great overlap in the activities of these disciplines they are often, erroneously, used interchangeably. In a sense they are twins constantly being mistaken for each other as they try to […]

A Working Definition of Leadership

Leadership is a big and complex subject. I wrote a thesis on leadership development and perused dozens of academic papers describing leadership. If you were to browse the business section of a typical bookstore you would find dozens of books with the word “leadership” in their title. If you do a search using the term […]